Instructional Videos

how to use the display units, jet wires, lighting ideas – and more!

“Anagotcha” Professional Poster Display Unit

These display units are always available from us in “standard” 24″ size for $25 and in “jumbo” 36″ size for $35. We also carry extra plastic sleeves – if you ever need a replacement. Be sure to watch this video to ensure that your posters are properly and securely mounted.

Sidewalk Poster Display

“New Sturdy Sidewalk poster display” for services, lectures, etc.
Reading Rooms we assist with posters have come to love the brushed aluminum professional display units that hold posters beautifully in the windows. Now, we have found a manufacturer who does the same thing – but for posters displayed on the sidewalk in front of the Reading Room or in front of your church. Click here to see a short video that explains how these might help your Reading Room. We can help you get them – and our posters fit perfectly inside. Wind/weather resistant. Holds: 24×36″ posters. Price is $215 (does not include shipping charges.”

Jet Wires

If you would like to use jet wires to hang posters mounted on foam core board, we can help. We can include a pair of wires for $5 with your next order. Please note: We only sell the wires along with a poster order, not separately by themselves. One pair of wires comes free, if requested, with the purchase of at least two standard size posters in a single order. Please be clear that you want to use these wires since we do not automatically include them in any order unless specifically requested. Thanks.

Jet Wires Part 2

Tips on using “jet wire” to move posters back from the windows so night time lighting can be used.

Window Night Lighting Tips

Indoor perspective, inexpensive but effective lighting fixtures

Window Night Lighting Tips Part 2

Outdoor Perspective, inexpensive but effective lighting